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    • About Dr. Morales, D.D.S, Holistic Dentist

      After graduating Dental school in 1976, I practised General Dentistry until 1986. During this time I explored many dental specialties, including Biological (Holistic) Dentistry which I realized was my true calling. I began practising Holistic Dentistry with Dr. Kurt Donsbach at the cancer hospital in Rosario Beach, Mexico. From that time on, my dental practice has soley focused on Holistic Dentistry, and I belive I am one of the pioneers in Mexico in this field.



      My education and research on Holistic Dentistry includes memberships with the following groups and organizations:

      • Environmental Dental Association since 1991
      • International Academy of Oral Toxicology (IAOMT 1993)
      • American Academy of Biologic Dentistry (1993)
      • Integrating the Sciences of Dentistry and Medicine (1993)
      • Price–Pottenger Nutrition (1995)
      • International Center for Nutritional Research (1996)


      • Kinesiology
      • Nutrition
      • Heavy Metal Detox
      • Cranial Manipulation
      • Neurotherapy
      • Reiki Master
      • Gemstone Therapy


      I am also honored to have worked side by side with many doctors who specialized in Immune Diseases Therapy with the understanding that holistic dentistry is a potential healing instrument. These doctors are:

      • Dr. Kurt Donsbach, Santa Mónica Hospital (México)
      • Dr. Geronimo Rubio, México
      • Dr. Kuna, México
      • Dr. Swilling, México
      • Dr. Hulda Clark, México
      • Dr. Joseph Iselles, Mexico
      • Dr. Hall Huggins, USA & México
      • Dr. Phillip Princeta, USA
      • Dr. Filiberto Muñoz, México
      • Dr. David Jubb, USA