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For many people dental care is an unaffordable luxury. At Biodental Studios you can expect the same high quality dental care for alot less. We have included our price list for you to compare.


Holistic Dentistry

We strongly take into consideration how dental procedures and materials affect the immune system of the individual. Learn more about Biodental Studios, our services and how we can help you.


Personal Care

We take the time to get to know you and make your experience as comfortable as possible. We've included new patient information to help you get started with your healing today.


Latest News!

NEW LOCATION OPENING SOON! Because our dental patients want to have a vacation and their dental treatment at the same time, we will soon be opening Biodental Studios in Playa Del Carmen Quintan Roo Mexico! 

More news:
  • Dr. Edgar Montano has recently become certified by Oral Iceberg , a global leader in metal-free, holistic and aesthetic implant dentistry.
  • FOR PATIENTS FLYING TO SAN DIEGOIf you are flying to San Diego, there is now a special shuttle service for patients which will allow a much faster border crossing! (reduced to 10 minutes). Please contact us for more information.
  • Worried about losing a tooth? Biodental Studios has a new treatment - ZIRCONIA IMPLANTS !
  • We recommend a new hotel in town with great prices and nice rooms. The hotel is 5 min from the office. Please contact us if you are interested and we will be happy to make your reservation for you.
  • We have new biomaterials available for crowns.
  • We have a new resting area where you will be able to enjoy the hospitality of our clinic with free wireless internet access, educational videos and more.
  • Biodental treatments are now available for kids!

FAQ's About Holistic (Biologic) Dentistry

Biologic Dentistry FAQs

As people become increasingly concerned about traditional western medical techniques and are learning more about alternative health procedures, a new field in dentistry is also becoming more established. Known as Holistic or Biologic Dentistry, this type of dentistry combines clinical practice, sound scientific knowledge and the traditions of natural healing to improve a person’s oral and overall health. The following information are frequently asked questions regarding Holistic or Biologic Dentistry . If you do not find the information you are looking for, please contact us and we will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Meet Dr. Javier Morales, D.D.S., Holistic (Biologic) Dentist

Dr. Javier Morales D.D.S.Dr. Javier Morales, D.D.S., is one of the true pioneers in the field of Holistic Dentistry in Mexico. After graduating dental school in 1976, Dr. Javier Morales practised general dentistry until 1986. During that time he explored many dental specialties, including Biological (Holistic) Dentistry which he realized was his true calling. From that time on, his dental practice has focused solely on Holistic Dentistry. Learn more about Dr. Javier Morales, D.D.S , and why people from all over the globe travel to Biodental Studios in Tijuana for holistic dental care.


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Travel to Tijuana Mexico

Travelling to Mexico to have your dental work done with us need not be a complicated process. We've included travel tips to help you with your travel decisions.

New Patient Information

Here you will find information for new patients, including how to schedule an appointment, our office hours, payment options and more.
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